Facebook Advertising is...

Not just Facebook

Facebook Advertising includes Instagram, Messenger,

and the Audience Network.

Cost Effective

Low risk, high reward.

Facebook has made quality ads cheaper than ever.

Precise Targeting

Limit your ads to your defined ideal client.

Don't waste a penny on ads outside of your scope.

What Facebook Ads are not

Boosted Posts on the front end can be great for added engagement, but typically you will have better results and more data running a campaign through ads manager.

Reach potential clients, not just anyone

Who will see my ads?

Contrary to print, television and billboards, Facebook Advertising ensures that the people who are seeing your ads are within your ideal client scope. This can be as basic or as complex as your client's characteristics.

Will my ads be annoying?

No! Facebook users are accustomed to seeing ads approx. every 5 posts. By targeting those who may be interested in your business, you are creating a positive, valuable experience for potential clients.

Send your potential clients on a brand positive journey

Brand Awareness

We build creatives and messaging, tested to resonate with your clients.

Decision Making

Are your offers exciting? Which product creates the most buzz? We optimize so the right ad is served at the right time.


Once the campaign objective is met, the lead or client will be in your hands to build brand loyalty.

Testimonials & Results

"Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center is extremely pleased with the results we've seen after just 1 month of F5 Strategies taking over our locally focused FB advertising campaigns. The ROI we've experienced to date ensure a long-term partnership.

Additionally, F5 Strategies' expertise in comprehensive strategic marketing exceeds expectations."

- Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center, Lake Charles

We know our stuff, and we want to help


5 years in digital advertising ranging from video to affiliate marketing, clients have seen up to 6 figure growth year over year. 3 years as an e-commerce store owner using Facebook Ads to build a 6 figure revenue.

Honest & Transparent

No BS here. We will provide you with a monthly report on insights, results and personalized recommendations which we will use to grow and build your brand.

We are invested in you

We love what we do and will dig deep to get you the best possible results. Facebook advertising can be time consuming and challenging, leave it to us to constantly monitor and optimize.


Our pricing model can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Please request a quote.

First, we need to know more about you and your goals...

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